who is ZARDETTO Trading

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welcome to ZARDETTO Trading import/export

ZARDETTO Trading srl. is a family company that for several years dealing with import / export mainly of bananas from Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador, but also pineapples, lemons and pears always from South American countries.

Personally, we have forged strong alliances with the producers' cooperatives, and this allows us to always offer the best quality at the fairest price.

We are flexible and we try to meet the various needs of our customers, always available during a 7/24 service throughout the year.

We sell at spot market prices or fixed price in half-year contract or for the whole year, in FOB / CIF conditions but also all inclusive T2 FOT in European markets

We export our products in the following countries: ITALY / BELGIUM / NETHERLANDS / POLAND / RUSSIA / ALBANIA / SERBIA / BULGARIA / EGYPT / TUNISIA / JORDAN; by  the most important  SHIPPING companies like  Marfret / MSC / MAERSK, which are becoming for us the true allies to offer the best service





we sell our main brend JOE BANANAS but also we work with private label

a really good quality team







We visit our growers regularly in Costa Rica and Ecuador